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Hello Everyone My Name is Jimmy McHorse and i am here to meet new and interesting people.To share with them my business and the opportunity available. I am with Kyani a health and wellness company that is shocking and changing the world with its Revolutionary Products (3 to be Precise ). Called the Kyani Triangle of health these 3 products combined together on a daily basis help in the promotion of repairing and rebuilding damaged cells in the human body.100% all natural,Non-GMO maintains the body to remain completely vitamin and mineral efficient. Kyani also offers a very Lucrative Distributor Opportunity comes complete with your own website a back office a complete "Done For You" system full of social media tools as well as an arsenal of ready to use business,product and testimonial video's.I know you've heard this phrase before but it's so easy a "5 year old" could do it. Monthly Residual Income,Bonuses,30% on Commisions,Loyalty Program and a New Car Program Message me here,send me an e-mail,call me,watch the video's here if you are interested.

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