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I enjoy Belegarth, a unique full contact sport with foam weapons. It is fun, great exercise and it cultivates skills which many have forgotten about. It is also a medieval reenactment group. It is one of many that are out there and depending on how immersed a person wishes to become in this hobby there are a lot of options. Belegarth encourages its members to wear garb and construct weapons to make the sport safe. This is a similar mind set to Dagorhir and Amtgard (also medieval reenactment groups) who have similar rules and with whom I have cross gamed without any difficulty. Amtgard is a bit more fantasy based than actual historical reenactment but their combat rules are similar. Another group that I have experienced is SCA. They focus one protective armor to keep their sport safe and they also delve deeper into some other medieval skills like crafting items and brewing. While there are certainly people within each of these groups who enjoy the ancient crafts in my experience SCA has more people interested in them. Also there are some other groups out there that I have not listed. There is a range from very serious historical societies (that practice with naked steel, wear full armor and have equestrian events ) to less serious reenactment groups that are more interested in Live Action Role Playing characters in a game. I mention this because the hobby is as varied as the people who enjoy it.

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August 17, 2014


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