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I am a passionate person!!! I work hard and play hard!! I feel everything on a deep level, good and bad!!!I am fun loving and easy going and will try almost any hobby that's not to dangerous, but if I do, I wanna be sure I can do it right! I love being outdoors,the beach is my favorite place to be. I enjoy working out, playing racquetball, mountain climbing, writing, thrift shopping'flea markets, walking/jogging in the park, I like outdoor Jazz concerts, I am into R&B music, blues, and depending on my mood rap, rock and country ;) I like hot tubs, hot baths, massages, the smell of dryer sheets, beautiful perfume, I live in my flip flops, love getting pedicures, but i am not a girlie girl even though I love pink, I prefer black. I rather text than speak on the phone. I can drink beer with the best of em and I enjoy a good margarita, I also like JD Honey. I am great at Darts and beer pong, roller skating and ice skating. I like ping pong and badminton. I am crazy silly, but also can have deep serious conversations. I am outgoing, thoughtful, and fun loving. I am a christian woman, a born again believer of Jesus Christ. I love to travel and see new places and experience new things. And that my friends are random facts about me ;) Thanks for finding me here on my site!!!!!!! :) Thanks for joining!!!!!! LIVE TO PLAY!!!!!

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January 22, 2015



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