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Most questions related to can be answered by our experienced and friendly  staff. Feel free to contact us at with your inquiry and we will do our best to help.


How do i find other members?

You can find other members by clicking the link of your country  on the home page (clicking the orange "Hobbies" tab in the header will immediately bring you to your registered city) After clicking the links of your state and city, you will  arrive at the hobby list page, find your hobby of interest and click the picture. Once you have clicked the picture of the hobby you will see the "Member Find " tab once in you will be able to search for members by gender, location, age and skill level. 


How do i find local stores and/or certified instructors?

You will find local stores or certified instructors by following the same steps above for finding other members, however you will click on the tabs "Certified Instructors" or "Local stores".


Why has my account been deleted?

  Hobby Mentors will terminate the accounts of users who send threatening or harassing  mail to other members, upload nude photos, Troll public posting areas or break our terms of service in any way. Any user caught doing so is deleted. Users who are deleted may not signup to the service again.


How do I create my Hobby Mentor profile?

To create your free Hobby Mentors profile, click on the "Register" link on the front page in the top header, then follow the prompts.


How do I edit my account information?

If you are looking to update details in your HM account info,  change your username or your registration information, please click on the "My Account" link located in the header at the top of the page.


How do I edit my username?

 You cannot change your username once you have opened an account. This is our way of identifying you so the only way to get a different username is to open a new account.


How do I post an Ad?

       To post an Ad  click on the "Marketplace" link in the Header on the top of the screen, Then click on the "Post an Ad" link in orange.